Evolutionary Guidance Media R&D, Inc.

Evolutionary Guidance Design:

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Guides human evolution toward planetary consciousness. 


Research &

Since 2008, we've done more than refine an old tradition: We've started a new one. Guided by an ethos of social and environmental responsibility, we fuse techniques from systems design & foresight to conceive, design, and implement collaborative projects using strategic integration for clients across a variety of sectors. Our award-winning research supports social impact corporations, nonprofit organizations, and NGOs around the world. 


The future is beyond paradox: collaborative/individual, diverse/unique.  


Evolutionary guidance design is an innovative systems approach to research and design.

A transformative futures methodology spanning ten dimensions of human activity, EGM-Integral is a social innovation tool used in foresight strategy and narrative design that bridges artificial boundaries.

In a sea of statistics, evolutionary guidance design makes the qualitative difference: an integral approach that honors the human dimension.  


Narrative Design Tool

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We see ourselves as part of nature and not outside of it. The destiny of humanity cannot be separated from the destiny of nature.  



"“Our technology forces us to live mythically” 

— Marshall McLuhan 


Collaboration is a key factor in our success, We work with teams around the world both remotely & on site. Contact us & put our strategic think tank to work for your organization.