Dana Klisanin

Dana Klisanin leads research & design using the EGM-Integral model; an award-winning psychologist & futurist, she focuses on using digital technology and new media to promote planetary consciousness. Dana's scientific research is published in journal articles and books across a broad range of topics including conscious design, mindfulness, altruism, and heroism in the digital age.  




Melisca Klisanin 

Melisca Klisanin leads creative development. Her creative talent has touched virtually every continent – whether creating urban events, retail spaces, home environments, gardens & landscapes; branding cosmetics, chocolates, or clothing; designing carpets, baby cribs, or perfumes – she is inspired by nature, technology, and ancient techniques.  A pioneer in "experiential play," her talent has increased the bottom-line for Fortune 500 companies and Mom & Pop shops around the world.