Dana Klisanin

Dana Klisanin leads research  using the EGM-Integral model; an award-winning psychologist, she focuses on using digital technology and new media to improve the world around us. Her interest in using digital technologies to tackle global challenges led her to the field of game design. Dana's scientific research is published in journal articles and books across a broad range of topics including  conscious design, mindfulness, altruism, and heroism in the digital age.  In 2012, Dana received the Distinguished Early Career Award for Scientific Achievement in Media Psychology.  She has been interviewed and cited by BBC, Time, USA Today, and more. Dana studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy, creative writing at the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and screenwriting with Bettina Gilois. 



Melisca Klisanin 

Melisca Klisanin leads creative development and design implementation. Her creative talent has touched virtually every continent – whether creating urban events, retail spaces, home environments, gardens & landscapes; branding cosmetics, chocolates, or clothing; designing carpets, baby cribs, or perfumes – she is inspired by nature, technology, and ancient techniques. She brings to each endeavor a passionate love of originality keenly balanced with an appreciation and respect for the imagination and intuition. A pioneer in "experiential play," her talent has increased the bottom-line for Fortune 500 companies and Mom & Pop shops around the world. Melisca's artwork has been shown in galleries from NYC to Japan. 

Bridget Arrington

Bridget Arrington is the leader of the IT team. While completing her Master's in Information Systems she was already receiving national recognition with her award-winning mobile app designs. She is ambitiously making strides in full stack coding projects by leading development teams and contributing to industry-changing software in the educational, financial, and marketing and advertising sectors. Bridget has a passion for understanding the relationships between technology and the progression of humanity, and as a software engineer, consciously incorporates a human and ethical dimension in her coding projects.