The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens. -Rilke



We support the design of strategies for success across a wide range of industries, specializing in immersive entertainment and experiential / participatory events in the business, entertainment, retail, and nonprofit sectors. We provide consulting services for those seeking to gain a qualitative edge: deep emotional connection. Our services begin with a comprehensive review of the project and design analysis. Each project is then customized to meet the desired goals. Our hands-on, experiential-based services work equally well for teams of all sizes, from Fortune 500 corporations to nonprofit organizations.

• Foresight strategy

• Storytelling / Narrative design

• Branching narrative design / review

• Media psychology services / Customized psychological assessments / profile / priming

• Transmedia design services / Story world building / logic

• Multisensory design for Immersive theatre, VR / AR / XR design

• Experiential / Participatory / Live Event design